Long Pond Distillers Limited
Founded in 1753, Long Pond is a sugar estate and distillery in the Jamaican Parish of Trelawny (also home to Hampden Estate). It was one of many sugar estates that were shut down or consolidated due to falling sugar prices over the course of time. In the 1940s Seagram CEO, Samuel Bronfman acquired Long Pond distillery from the Jamiacan government, using the rum to establish the Captain Morgan brand. The Long Pond Sugar Estate, together with Hampden Estate, was bought by the Hussey family in 2009, while today, Long Pond Distillers Ltd is part of National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ). Long Pond distillery closed in 2012 due to leakages in their dunder storage tanks, which required large amounts of repairs. In July 2017, NRJ held a re-opening ceremony for Long Pond distillery, however just a year later, July 2018 saw a disastrous fire at the distillery, destroying an eye-watering 65,000 litres of rum. Luckily nobody was harmed, and the distillery itself and the stills were unaffected. As rum isn’t stored or aged onsite, luckily no aged rum stock was affected, though it was still a huge setback for the distillery.

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