Responsible Drinking and Alcohol Policy
The University of the West Indies understands that the decision to consume alcohol is a personal one. However, it is imperative that the individual, who chooses to drink, does so responsibly; understands the effects of alcohol; makes sound judgement about its use; and understands that he or she will be held responsible for any unlawful action that may result from alcohol use and abuse by civil authorities and/or The University of the West Indies. The University acknowledges that the vast majority of its student population is of legal age (18 years), but cannot disregard incidents of alcohol misuse which result in vehicular accidents, personal injuries, vandalism, alcohol poisoning, poor academic and work performance, sexual harassment and undesired and harmful sexual activity, verbal and physical abuse, and violence. The University believes that standards relating to the use of alcohol will be best upheld when they are shared and applied to the entire community. Additional information, complementary to the Alcohol Policy can be found in the Expanded Appendices.

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