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Caribbean Molasses Company (Jamaica) Limited operates an inventory consisting of the commodity item, molasses. Molasses, a thick, dark-coloured syrup, derived as byproduct from making sugar has many uses, however, Caribbean Molasses procures, store and distribute molasses at Fermenters’ Grade as the primary input material for the rum making process.

Caribbean Molasses Company Ja. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spirits Pool Association. Its main function is to procure good quality fermentable grade molasses to satisfy the needs of the Rum Industry. The company is in effect owned by the distillers and operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Caribbean Molasses Company (Jamaica) Limited operates two molasses installations, one at Point, Lucea in Hanover including a pier on lands which it owns and the other at Port Esquivel on lands leased from the West Indies Alumina Company.


Passionate people driven to execute value driven activities in the collective interest of member distilleries by ensuring that molasses of good quality is safely, efficiently and cost effectively purchased, stored, and supplied.


Caribbean Molasses Company Limited strives to bring stability and sustainability to the rum industry through its continuous advancements and improvements in areas of the supply chain, through effective methods and a molasses quality suitable for fermentation at Distillers’ grade.

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