Caribbean Molasses Company Ja. Ltd. is a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Spirits Pool Association and its main
function is to procure good quality fermentable grade
molasses  to satisfy the needs of the Rum Industry.  The
company is in effect  owned by the distillers and operates on
a non-profit basis with its costs being borne by the distilleries
in the final price they pay for their  molasses.
The company operates two molasses installations, one at
Point, Lucea in Hanover including a pier on lands which it
owns and the other at Port Esquivel on lands leased from

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telephone: (876) - 968-4455
fax: (876) - 926-5944
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The Spirits Pool Association Ltd. was established in 1932 to promote the interests of Jamaican
Rums. The association is owned by all the distilleries. These include Appleton, nestled in the Nassau
valley in St. Elizabeth and New Yarmouth in the plains of Clarendon. Both these distilleries are owned
and operated by Wray & Nephew.

Long Pond in Trelawny and Clarendon Distillers on the Vere Plains are owned and operated by the
Government of Jamaica through National Rums. Hampden, the most traditional of all the distilleries
is also located in Trelawny and can produce rums of over 2500 esters.

Jamaica has produced traditional rums in Pot Stills since the 17th century. We also use the new Light
Column Stills, the most modern type of rum still.

Jamaica produces the widest varieties of rum in the world, from the very light low ester rums, to the
heavy, traditional continental-flavoured rums. Jamaica has the capacity to produce up to 50 million
litres of rum annually.